"I love all the aspects of competing. The outfits, the make-up, the challenge…I can’t get on the dance floor fast enough!"  -- Francesca, Firebeat student with instructor, Andre'
I love all the aspects of competing. The outfits, the make-up, the challenge…I can’t get on the dance floor fast enough!
— Francesca, Firebeat student with instructor, Andre'

Maybe you’ve fallen in love with the glamour and passion of ballroom dancing on TV, but think it’s only for celebrities.

Maybe you competed with your high school or college competitive team, but worry that too much time has passed.

Maybe you’re a seasoned competitor looking for a new studio to call home.

Or maybe you’re just looking for your next challenge.

No matter your reason, there’s a place for you on Firebeat’s competitive team! Our competitive ballroom program is designed for students of all levels and all ages.  Whether you’re new to the world of Pro-Am or a seasoned veteran, competing in the Pro-Am circuit with one of our expert instructors is guaranteed to provide you with the excitement and challenge you desire.


Similar to the popular television show Dancing with the Stars, Pro-Am refers to a category in ballroom competitions in which one person in the partnership is the teacher (Professional) and the other person is a student (Amateur). Together, they make a Pro-Am team!

Participating in ballroom competitions is a great way to set concrete goals, motivate progress, and apply what you’ve learned in a fun and exciting setting. Competitions represent a unique creative outlet, merging the thrill of performance with the passion of artistic expression.



To help you get started, we are pleased to offer our 30-minute Intro Lesson at a special rate of $49. You’ll spend your lesson one-on-one with one of our expert instructors, allowing you to experience our studio at own pace, tailored specifically to your needs.

Following your Intro Lesson, your instructor will offer personalized recommendations and next steps to help you reach your competitive dance goals. Together, you will work toward developing the necessary tools and techniques that will allow you to shine your brightest on the dance floor. Your instructor, as well as the entire Firebeat team, is here to support you throughout the entire process – from learning your very first routine to choosing a costume and conquering your nerves. You’ve got this. And we’ve got your back.

Ready to schedule your Intro Lesson? Give us a call today at 617-564-3473 and begin your Pro-Am journey!



Our studio is nationally renowned for our competitive ballroom program, and all of our instructors have extensive experience training students at all levels of the Pro-Am competition circuit.

Our commitment to excellence extends far beyond individual lessons, as we are deeply committed to enhancing each student’s competitive journey in a variety of ways. Some of our unique offerings include:

  • Master level group classes on topics such as styling, performance, and advanced techniques;
  • Opportunities to learn from world-renowned visiting coaches who train today’s top competitors;
  • On-site Mock Competitions that allow our students to prepare for the real thing;
  • Costume rentals and professional hair and make-up services;
  • Bi-annual complimentary planning sessions to set your competition schedule and goals.