Wedding Dance

Because your first dance should be as unique as your love story...

At Firebeat, we believe that dancing is one of the most important elements of any celebration. Regardless of your previous dance experience, our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to create a personalized wedding dance that allows you to shine your brightest. Together, we’ll find the perfect song and dance style to express your unique relationship on the dance floor, surrounded by the love of your family and friends. We promise, there’s no such thing as two left feet! With our proven teaching methodology, you’ll step onto the dance floor completely at ease with the steps, and ready to be genuinely present with your new husband or wife!

Wedding Packages

Our wedding dance specialists would be delighted to customize a private lesson package to meet your individual needs—anything from a few killer moves to a fully choreographed dance.

Although we treat all of our wedding couples as VIPs, the purchase of any private lesson wedding package of five or more qualifies you for Wedding VIP Status. At this level, we include:
  • A dedicated VIP concierge to help coordinate all of the details before, after, and between your lessons (and to serve as a liaison with your wedding planner, if you’d like);
  • Professional music editing service to create a breathtaking, camera-ready introduction and a memorable finale that is guaranteed to bring your guests to their feet;
  • A full dress rehearsal at your final lesson, including lights, music, a practice skirt for the bride, and a sparkling toast! We’ll even provide a few “guests” from the Firebeat team so you can practice in front of an audience.

FAQs for Wedding Couples

How do we know what dance style is right for us?

Call today to schedule a Wedding Consultation with one of our expert instructors! Our goal is to help you express your individuality as a couple on the dance floor. Based on your personalities and preferences, we will help you find the perfect song and dance style for you. We consider it a great honor to be included in your wedding journey

When should we start preparing for our first dance?

Don’t worry -- regardless of your time frame, we will help you reach your goals! If you’re only hoping to learn a few dance moves to help you feel more comfortable on the dance floor, a few lessons may be all you need. If you’re dreaming of a fully choreographed dance to your special choice of music, we ask that you allow more time so that we can work with you to learn a dance that is uniquely yours. Either way, it’s always better to start sooner than later!

We already have a song. Can you help us figure out which dance style to do?

Yes! Your instructor will work with you to determine which of the dance styles best suits the tempo/mood of your song, as well as your personalities.

What if our song is too long? Can you help with music editing?

Absolutely! We know that having great music is critical to a magical first dance. That’s why we include our professional music editing service with all private lesson packages of five or more. We will work with you to create a breathtaking, camera-ready introduction and a memorable finale that is guaranteed to bring your guests to their feet. Can’t decide on one piece of music? Why not create a medley? We have experience in integrating multiple songs to create an unforgettable performance. Let our experts help you!

Can you help with father-daughter and mother-son dances?

Absolutely! Parent-child dances are touching and memorable moments, and we would welcome the chance to work with your family.

Do you welcome LGBTQ couples?

With open arms. Love is love, and Firebeat is deeply committed to inclusivity and acceptance.