Welcome to the world of ballroom dancing!

Ready to embrace a fun hobby, spark new friendships, and feel happier and healthier than you ever thought possible?

Whether you are preparing to step onto the dance floor for the very first time or have been dancing your entire life, we have a place for you at Firebeat Ballroom Studios. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor enjoying the incredible benefits of social ballroom dancing.



People come to Firebeat for many reasons. Some people are aiming to increase their health and fitness, while others are looking to make new friends or spice up a date night. Some are preparing for weddings and special events, and some have been dreaming of dancing like the stars for as long as they can remember. Rest assured that no matter what your unique reason for wanting to learn to dance may be, our Introductory Private Lesson is the best place to begin.

To help you get started, we are pleased to offer our 30-minute Intro Lesson at a special rate of $49. You’ll spend your lesson one-on-one with one of our expert instructors, allowing you to experience our studio at your own pace, tailored specifically to your needs. In your Intro Lesson, as in all of our classes, no partner is required, although you are of course welcome to bring one!

Following your Intro Lesson, your instructor will offer personalized recommendations and next steps to help you reach your dance goals. Interested? Give us a call at 617-564-3473 to schedule your Intro Lesson today and see for yourself what makes Firebeat is so unique!

PRivate lessons are the best way to:

  • Learn at your own pace!
  • Receive 1:1 instruction tailored specifically to you!
  • Focus on the dances you want to learn!
  • Practice partner dancing with your instructor!
  • Schedule at your convenience!

Practice your moves and meet new friends in group classes

While private lessons are the core of our curriculum, we also offer a range of group classes to supplement your experience and allow you to practice your moves in a warm and supportive environment. Following your Intro Lesson, classes taught at the Intro or Beginner level (labeled in green and orange, respectively) are a great fit for beginners looking for additional practice time in a social setting. Class calendars can be found on our Schedule page.


  • Practice what you’ve learned!
  • Meet new people!
  • Dance in a fun, social setting!
  • Explore new dance patterns and partnering skills!
  • Build confidence for social dancing!



For anybody who is considering coming to Firebeat for their first lesson, I’d say, “Go for it! It’s one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life.”
— Katya, Firebeat student