Ballroom Private Lessons

Reach your dance goals with private lessons!

At Firebeat, we recognize that every dancer is unique. That's why we recommend private lessons as a core component of every student's dance journey.

In private lessons, every aspect of the learning process is tailored and individualized, allowing students to progress at their own pace, while focusing on the material that is of greatest interest to them. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, students receive personalized recommendations to help them set and reach their dance goals, all while having a fantastic time on the dance floor.

No matter your reason for wanting to learn to dance -- social, competitive, fitness, or wedding/event prep -- private lessons are the best place to begin! First-time students are eligible for a special $49 Introductory Private Lesson, which can be scheduled at your convenience by calling the studio at 617-564-3473, or e-mailing us at In your message, please specify the best days/times to reach you. A member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.