Ballroom Competitions

Ready to dance like the stars?

The costumes. The make-up. The music. The passion. There is nothing more exciting than the glitz and glamour of competitive ballroom dancing. If you have ever wished to dance like your favorite stars on TV, then Pro-Am ballroom competitions are for you!

Pro-Am is a category in competitive ballroom in which one person in the partnership is the teacher (professional or “pro”) and the other person is a student (amateur or “am”)—just like the popular television show, Dancing with the Stars

Our studio is nationally renowned for our competitive ballroom program. We have extensive experience and expertise in teaching and competing with Prom-Am students of all ages and levels!

Who can dance Pro-Am?

  • If you have never danced before, our instructors would be delighted to introduce you to competitive ballroom dancing. There are many competitions open to beginning students, and we will be happy to explore the options with you.
  • If you are a seasoned veteran, you’ve come to the right place! Our instructors have extensive experience in training students at the top of the Pro-Am circuit, and many of our students are National Finalists in their categories. We invite you to join our winning team!

Benefits of Pro-Am

There are many wonderful benefits to competing with your teacher. Some people turn to Pro-Am to continue dancing and improving while searching for an amateur partner. Others choose to dance Pro-Am exclusively, because they love learning at their own pace, taking individually-tailored lessons, competing with an experienced professional, and excelling in the Pro-Am competition circuit.

Benefits of Competition

  • Set concrete goals and challenge yourself to meet and exceed them.
  • Express your individuality through choreography tailored to showcase your specific strengths.
  • Enjoy professional guidance through the competition process, providing a stress-free experience.
  • Perform for friends, family, and dancesport competitors from across the county.
  • Experience a world filled with glamour, music, and passion.

Interested in joining our competitive team?

Please inquire at our front desk for more information and current pricing.